Surgery & Treatment Room Consumables

Surgery & Treatment Room Consumables Product Categories

Abdominal sponges for walling off organs for abdominal surgery
Medcell - AAA, AA, C, D & 9V alkaline batteries. As good as the best at unbelievable prices.
Jamshidi Bone Marrow Needle, TruCut Biopsy Needle & Achieve Automatic Gun are in here.
All sizes of sterilised biopsy punches.
Stainless Steel & Polypropylene bowls, jars & trays of all sizes.
Standard to Ultra Heavy duty drapes & wraps. Sterile & non sterile.
Latex, Nitrile (Latex Free) and Pregnancy Testing Gloves
Operating gloves of all sizes
Lavage kits, pumps, drains and other consumables from MILA International, Inc.
Items for restraining animals and protecting the team from aggressive patients.
Lavacuator and Gastric feeding tubes for cats, dogs & horses
Operating gowns, face masks, scrub tops, shoe covers and hair nets
Gauze swabs of different sizes. Cotton and synthetic.
Various urinary catheters available. Dogs and Cats. Multiple sizes.
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