Headband With Wireless Light Kit including Headband and wireless light with 2 batteries Silver Kit 19

Illuco Wireless Headlight Kit with Headband and 2 batteries 35000 Lux Intensity

The IHL-2000 wireless headlight combined with the Illuco headband is a convenient, compact, lightweight lighting solution designed for versatility.

The IHL-2000 wireless headlight features a bright, color-balanced LED light that offers consistent ray uniformity over the working distance range, providing optimal visibility and clarity during procedures. This advanced lighting technology allows for accurate color reproduction, improved depth perception, and reduced glare and shadows, making it an essential tool for any surgical or dental procedure.

The IHL-2000 wireless headlight has a forward-thinking design that allows for easy on/off function by simply touching the top of the battery. The same touch-sensitive controls can also be used to adjust the brightness level to one of the three lighting levels. This intuitive design makes it easy to operate the headlight with minimal interruption to the task at hand, providing a seamless and efficient workflow.

Designed with a strong magnetic connection guiding the battery into place, it makes it easy to use and change when needed. This feature eliminates the need for complicated locking mechanisms or latches, and makes it easy to replace the battery quickly, even in the middle of a procedure. The strong magnetic connection also ensures a secure fit, preventing the battery from becoming loose or falling out during use.

The package includes connector to couple with loupes, headband, two batteries, and a USB-C charging cable, providing everything you need for your lighting setup.


Cable Free

Quick battery change

Uniform, Vivid Round Spot over run time

Max 35,000 lux

7.5+ Hours Run Time (2.5+ hrs per battery)

37g of Lightweight with battery

Touch sensor - on/off, 3 step bright control.

Fast USB C charging

Combine with illuco loupes for superior performance.

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