Headband With Wired Light Kit including Headband and Wired light with one battery Silver Kit 20

Illuko Lightweight Padded Adjustable Headband

with LED Headlight IHL-1000 wired Battery

The Illuco headband has been designed for the medical professional and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Soft comfortable (removable) padding is placed around the forehead brace, the overarching crown and lower across the occipital.

The rear adjustment knob will custom size to the wearers head circumference and the overarching crown knob adjustment will help determine where the LED headlight will rest, higher or lower on the forehead.

Both adjustments will achieve an excellent and comfortable fit.

LED Headlight IHL-1000 with wired Battery

The adjustable Illuco LED headlight attaches directly to the Illuco headband, front, centre of the forehead position to centrally beam overhead light onto the patient subject area.

The bright, colour balanced LED light creates a better consistent ray uniformity over the working distance range.

The battery is a separate unit and is connected to the headlight by a long thin cable.

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